National History

BCA Gallery

BCA Gallery showcases Singapore's unique and distinctive built environment. As the nation's champion for a safe, high-quality, sustainable and friendy built environment, BCA's milestone achievements and major ongoing initiatives are highlighted in the gallery. There are interactive multi-media displays bringing visitors throught the past, present and future of Singapore's built environment.

The Grassroots Heritage Centre

Showcasing four decades of significant milestones in community development, the Grassroots Heritage Centre traces the exciting growth of the People’s Association (PA) and its grassroots organisations through moving historical accounts, pictures, audio reels, exhibits and artefacts. Relive how our grassroots organisations have promoted racial harmony and social cohesion for the community since it was first set up in the 1960s. Experience how life was like back then with a mock-up of a 60s style community centre.

HDB Gallery

The HDB Gallery underwent a major revamp in 2009, as part of HDB’s celebrations to mark 50 Years of Public Housing. The newly revamped HDB Gallery officially re-opened on 15 April 2010 as a One-stop Destination that provides learning opportunities for both Singaporeans and overseas visitors about the Singapore’s Public Housing Story.

IRAS Gallery - The Singapore Tax Story

Discover how tax has evolved in Singapore in the past, present and future through a highly interactive experience that allows visitors to discover much of this story for themselves. Follow the trail to find the answers to questions such as ‘Just what is tax, really?’ and ‘What kinds of tax do you pay?’

Land Transport Gallery

The Land Transport Gallery, which opened on 18 January 2008, provides visitors with a visual and sensory experience of Singapore’s transport development.

Marina Barrage

The Marina Barrage is a dam built across the Marina Channel, forming Singapore’s first reservoir in the city. This unique project brings about three benefits – a new source of water supply, flood control, and a lifestyle attraction that will offer a host of recreational possibilities.

Ministry of Education Heritage Centre

MOE Heritage Centre showcases Singapore’s Education Story from the early 19th century to the present. The Centre is set-up to inspire those aspiring to be teachers, affirm the work of serving educators and commemorate the contributions of educators and communities that have shaped education since the founding of Singapore.

National Museum of Singapore

A cultural icon of our era, the National Museum of Singapore buzzes with festivals and events all year round, stimulating your creativity, while bringing you closer to our heritage. The Museum retells history in innovative and cutting-edge ways, redefining the conventional museum experience. Relive within this beautiful historical monument, the culture and history of Singapore, and discover our nation’s story, right in the heart of our city.

Singapore City Gallery

First opened in 1999, the Singapore City Gallery tells the story of Singapore's physical transformation over the past 50 years. Make time for highlights like the panoramic sights and sound show, A Day in Singapore and the Central Area Model Light and Sound Show. Or be awed by the architectural models or the various interactive and experiential exhibits in the gallery.

Singapore Maritime Gallery

The Gallery, among other things, provides insights into Maritime Singapore to help visitors understand the story of contemporary Maritime Singapore, its importance to Singapore’s economy, and the diverse range of exciting and rewarding career options it offers.