A Librarian's World - Historical Sources on the Japanese Occupation

Ever wondered what librarians do? In this monthly series of talks, find out what makes our librarians tick as they share highlights of their work and from the National Library and National Archives collections.

Join us for a double-bill feature on the Japanese Occupation featuring Gracie Lee and Fiona Tan from the National Library and National Archives! Find out more about the available research materials relating to the topic, the Japanese occupation and its legacies in Singapore through highlights from our collections. Plus, get a sneak peek into the newly revamped exhibition at the Former Ford Factory.

Free admission. Please register at the library eKiosks or http://www.nlb.gov.sg/golibrary2/e/a-librarians-world-historical-sources-on-the-japanese-occupation-90352861.


Battle for Singapore 2017

The National Heritage Board (NHB) commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Fall of Singapore with various initiatives across the year, starting with the annual Battle for Singapore commemorative event. From 16 February to 12 March 2017, members of the public can join in a series of guided tours, a public talk, and offerings at the various Museum Roundtable (MR) museums to learn more about the events leading up to the Fall of Singapore, and stories of the Japanese Occupation. These programmes and activities have been organised together with community partners, MR museums, and heritage experts. 

 Pre-registration starts at 10 am on Monday, 6 February 2017.



A Vast Library of Life: Biodiversity Heritage Library

Understanding life on our planet – the millions of species that live on earth, their interactions with each other and with us is now more important than ever.

Join Martin R. Kalfatovic and Grace Costantino from the Biodiversity Heritage Library on 17 March 2017 as they discuss the importance of over 300 years of scientific publications related to biodiversity.

Free admission. Please register at the library eKiosks or http://www.nlb.gov.sg/golibrary2/e/a-vast-library-of-life-the-biodiversity-heritage-library-29637864.


A Librarian's World – The National Library’s Music Collection

Ever wondered what librarians do? In this monthly series of talks, A Librarian’s World provides a platform for librarians to share highlights of their work from the collections of the National Library.


On 30 March, discover Singapore’s musical heritage with librarians Sharmini and Joy as they share our Singapore music collection – from handwritten scores and iconic magazines to other works by music personalities and prominent groups from the 1970s.


Free admission. Please register at the library eKiosks or http://www.nlb.gov.sg/golibrary2/e/a-librarians-world-the-national-librarys-music-collection-79740802.


Anatomy of a Free Mind: Tan Swie Hian’s Notebooks and Creations

22 November 2016 – 19 March 2017
Level 10, Gallery, National Library Building
10AM – 9PM
Free Admission

Anatomy of a Free Mind: Tan Swie Hian’s Notebooks and Creations

1973 was a milestone year in Tan Swie Hian’s life during which he experienced a breakthrough in his spirituality and creative capacity. Henceforth, his artistic creations have been characterised by freedom – in medium, subject matter, genre and expression. The artist likens his newfound free mind to a hummingbird that can fly in all directions and experience different realms of reality.

Now, more than 40 years later, Tan’s works are presented again at the National Library in this exhibition featuring over 100 creations in a wide range of media. This is the first time the multidisciplinary artist’s creative process, as documented in his notebooks through writings and sketches, has been featured with his artworks.

Discover the extraordinary world of a free mind through Tan Swie Hian’s creations and notebooks!



Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N (Scientific Training and Tactical Intelligence Operative Network) is an interactive experience that brings visitors into the cinematic world of Marvel The Avengers.

This exhibition brings to life the science behind Super Heroes and allows fans of all ages to participate in a simulated recruitment, as if they were being trained to become Official Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N agent of the beloved Marvel Universe.


Battlebox Tour

BUY 1 GET 1 AT 50% OFF

Buy 1 ticket and get 1 ticket for a person aged 13-18 years at 50% off, if you sign up for THE BATTLEBOX TOUR - A Story of Strategy & Surrender™, a 75-minute guided tour of the Battlebox, a former WWII underground command centre in Fort Canning Park. 
This offer is open Tuesdays to Thursdays, 22 November-29 December 2016. Register now at enquiry@battlebox.com.sg 

For more information, visit www.battlebox.com.sg



Buaya: The Making of a Non-Myth

Opens 19 January 2017
Resource Gallery, NUS Museum

The Making of a Non-Myth continues a discovery of the interior of two century-old animal specimens that were bound for re-conservation for an exhibition in the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. Conservator Kate Pocklington revisits these specimens in heuristic terms to uncover the crocodile as eclipsed in history by virtue of the Straits’ ambivalent relations with it.


Butterflies Up-Close

Butterflies Up-Close present a unique insight into the life of a butterfly as you follow its remarkable transformation from an egg to an adult. Featuring a host of interactive exhibits, the exhibition allows you to observe at close range the many fascinating aspects of this distinctive order of insets and delight in the spectacular beauty of more than hundreds of live butterflies.


Cultivating & Nurturing Future Scientist

Tuesday, 17 January 2017
7.00pm – 8.30pm
Level 16, The Pod
National Library Building
100 Victoria Street, Singapore 188064
For access to Level 16, the Pod, please proceed to lift lobby opposite the information counter.

Explore the world of science and technology during this special panel discussion at the National Library featuring internationally acclaimed scientific leaders who have received the Nobel Prize, Turing Award and Fields Medal. Hear first-hand about their experience, challenges they face when validating theories and the motivations behind their discoveries.

  • Ada Yonath, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2009)
  • Anthony Leggett, Nobel Prize in Physics (2003)
  • Barbara Liskov, Turing Award (2008)
  • Vladimir Voevodsky,  Fields Medal (2002)

This programme is fully booked and registration is closed. Please check out other programmes on www.nlb.gov.sg/golibrary.


Dinosaurs at Dusk

Follow Lucy and her father as they fly through the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous geological periods using a variety of off-road vehicles in search of the ancestors of modern-day birds, the feathered Dinosaurs, in this most kinetic planetarium show ever produced!


Evening Climb: The Later Style of Lim Tze Peng

25 November 2016 – May 2017
Lee Kong Chian Temporary Gallery, NUS Museum

At 96 years old, Lim Tze Peng’s career has seen him practising and experimenting with Chinese ink and brush. The exhibition focuses on recent developments and works in the artist’s practice. Drawing from a recent donation of Lim Tze Peng’s works to NUS Museum, generously supported by loans from the Lim Tze Peng Art Gallery at Chung Cheng High School, and other private collections, the exhibition presents the artist’s progression from landscape paintings in his earlier years, to this turn towards the abstract and the monumental in his application of calligraphic lines undertaken in the later part of his artistic journey.


Graceful Grit

Graceful Grit: Tennis and the WTA Finals in Singapore
23 October 2016 to 8 January 2017
Changing Gallery, Singapore Sports Museum

The game of tennis has evolved over the centuries in terms of its equipment, attire, style of play and culture. From a humble beginning of using the palm of one’s hand to rackets made of the latest innovation in technology and material, tennis players throughout the ages had always held one thing in common – their love of the sport.

Today, tennis is played by millions of recreational players and has become a popular worldwide spectator sport. The evolution of the game is inextricably linked to changes in society – in particular, the realm of womankind. This exhibition aims to trace the history and evolution of tennis and highlight the women game-changers of the sport.


Law of the Land: Highlights of Singapore's Constitutional Documents

Chief Justice’s Chamber and Office
National Gallery Singapore

Law of the Land: Highlights of Singapore’s Constitutional Documents explores the history of Singapore’s constitution from Singapore’s founding as a British settlement in 1819 to independence in 1965. Organised by the National Archives of Singapore and National Library Board, the exhibition features rare documents that capture key moments in Singapore’s constitutional history.

Join our weekly curator-led Insights Tours on Friday evenings and docent-led Highlights Tours on weekend afternoons. All tours are free and conducted in English.



MINT Museum of Toys’ latest edition of MAKE+PLAY features highlights from the museum’s Outerspace collection of vintage toys, including the first robot toy produced, Robot Lilliput (1930’s) and the rare alien toy, Mechanic Martin (1950’s). Choose from an array of creative and interactive workshop and tour sessions and experience the fun and magic of nostalgia as a family!

MAKE+PLAY runs from 19 November - 18 December. 

For full line-up of workshop and tour sessions, please visit http://www.emint.com/


National Library Arts Conversation

The National Library Arts Conversation series is a platform for arts practitioners to share their knowledge and insights with the public.

Kuo Pao Kun is one of Singapore’s greatest dramatists and arts activists and a pioneer of Singapore theatre. His works have been staged by theatre companies both in Singapore and abroad. He was also an educator who established The Theatre Practice, The Substation and the Theatre Training & Research Programme.

Moderated by Lee Chee Keng, find out more about Kuo’s role as an educator and how his far-sightedness has nurtured generations of theatre practitioners.

Free admission. This programme will be conducted in Mandarin. Please register at the library eKiosks or http://www.nlb.gov.sg/golibrary2/e/nl-arts-conversation-kuo-pao-kun-the-educator-50275751.


National Library Prominent Speaker Series

Speaker: Tan Swie Hian

Join us on 24 February as Tan Swie Hian weighs in on the painting Yuan An Reclining in Snow by Tang poet Wang Wei and the debate over the imagery of a plantain tree in snow in that painting.

In 1973, Mr Tan held his first solo art exhibition at the National Library. Now, more than 40 years later, Mr Tan's works are presented again in the exhibition Anatomy of a Free Mind: Tan Swie Hian's Notebooks and Creations. Read more.

Free admission. Please register at the library eKiosks or http://www.nlb.gov.sg/golibrary2/e/prominent-speaker-series-a-thousand-year-debate-on-the-imagery-of-a-plantain-tree-in-snow-38378952.


Radio Malaya

Opens 19 January 2017
South & Southeast Asian Gallery, NUS Museum

The exhibition follows from an earlier project Between Here and Nanyang: Marco Hsu’s Brief History of Malayan Art (2013-2016), proposing ways that the University’s permanent collection – its conception informed by Singapore’s period of decolonisation – may continue to be read in relation to early writings on the art and cultural history of Malaya. Nation and citizenship, as crucial themes in the decades leading up to Singapore’s self-rule and eventual independence, made complex the work of commentators and practitioners.


Script and Stage

28 October 2016 – 26 March 2017
Levels 7 & 8, Promenade, National Library Building
10AM – 9PM
Free Admission

Script & Stage explores the fascinating roots of local playwriting and theatre production, highlighting significant performances, playwrights and prominent theatre companies that have shaped the foundation of contemporary theatre in Singapore.

As we trace the development of Singapore’s vernacular theatre communities from the 1950s to the 1980s, treat yourself to publications such as Keris Sempena Riau, the first sandiwara (Malay historical theatre) published and staged locally, as well as the manuscripts and drafts of acclaimed local playwrights like Kuo Pao Kun and Robert Yeo.

Not to be missed are showcases of notable local musicals, such as Beauty World (TheatreWorks) and Chang and Eng (Action! Theatre), at the lobby of the National Library Building.


Singapore Museum Guide 2016

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